Aug 222014
Woodcliff cover webMystery at Woodcliff Hall
Virginia Jones

Audience: YA | Historical | Gothic | Mystery

When 17-year-old Alyssa Reed takes a job as a teacher’s aide at an exclusive private school in upstate New York, she looks forward to revisiting the Adirondack Mountains she loved as a child.

But now the woods seem less sunny…and more sinister.

Because Woodcliff Hall’s past conceals a murder, and the deeper Alyssa digs, the greater her chances of becoming the next victim.

Trade Paperback Edition Publication Date: 2014
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Electronic Edition Publication Date: 2014
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Aug 102014

We’ve been remiss! We got so busy publishing Possessed, Undressed, and in a Mess that we completely forgot to announce Out of the Frying Pan! So without further ado, may we present two Sophie Mouette titles!

PUM cover webPossessed, Undressed, and in a Mess
by Sophie Mouette

Audience: Fiction | Romance | Sexy Romance | Paranormal Romance

A séance gone wildly wrong leaves hotelier Angela Georgenes sharing her body with a randy Victorian ghost. Someone’s after a treasure allegedly hidden in the hotel and the ghost wants to tell Angela—but can only communicate when Angela’s on the verge of orgasm.

Talk about awkward.

Angela—and the ghost—are both hot for new handyman Tyler Woodruff, but is he a knight in a shining pickup or the thief? In truth, he is there under false pretenses: he’s a fortune hunter who liberates unappreciated artifacts. Distracted by Angela’s wicked imagination and uninhibited bedroom antics, he doesn’t want to fall in love with her any more than she does with him.

But admitting their true feelings is the only way the ghost can reveal the nature of the treasure—and the real threat.

“Mouette handles the sizzling sex…with a generous hand….”
– Romantic Times Book Review (4 stars)

Trade Paperback Edition Publication Date: 2014
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Electronic Edition Publication Date: 2014
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Author Site: Sophie Mouette


OOTFP front webOut of the Frying Pan
by Sophie Mouette

Audience: Fiction | Romance | Sexy Romance

Take one chef displaced in the wacky world of Hollywood,
Add one hunky pool boy who isn’t who he seems,
Mix with a heavy dash of spicy sex.

Then fold in a self-absorbed starlet who’s on a different diet every night,
Blend with her action-hero boyfriend (secret ingredient: closet cross-dresser).

Finally, garnish with a passel of crazy relatives, one lovestruck Welsh corgi, and two peacocks who just want to be left alone.

Serve with a nice fruity Merlot.

Out of the Frying Pan blends hot sex with the spirit of classic romantic comedy—the result is mouthwatering!

“Mouette handles the sizzling sex…with a generous hand….”
– Romantic Times Book Review (4 stars)

Trade Paperback Edition Publication Date: 2013
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Electronic Edition Publication Date: 2013
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Author Site: Sophie Mouette

Oct 152013

It’s October, and you know what that means? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it is if you turn into a crazy woman because of Halloween, which is what happens to Soul’s Road Press author Dayle A. Dermatis. She loves her some Halloween, baby.

Although she hasn’t written any stories set at Halloween (something she says she’ll rectify soon!), she does have some fantasy stories with vampires and ghosts and Old Scratch himself, so if you’re looking for some holiday-themed reading, here are our suggestions!

(Note: None of these are super-spooky, and all of them have some level of humor.)

“Blood Relations”

The woman known as the “Vegan Martha Stewart” learns who her infamous father really is…and their relationship threatens to ruin their respective empires. A funny fantasy short story—with a bite!

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“The Devil Went Down to the Sunset Strip”

Angrrr Management were four talented guys. (They really were. I wasn’t just some starry-eyed groupie; I knew decent music and I knew stage presence.) Talented, yes, and awfully pretty, all of them. And every last one of them was dumber than a post. Had they never HEARD of Robert Johnson?

“The Devil Went Down to the Sunset Strip” is a hilarious urban fantasy short story about 80s hair metal and selling your soul to Satan.

Includes bonus short story “Hell’s Belles”!

Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | Smashwords

“Feline Design”

Even Satan needs a vacation once in awhile. But perhaps taking the form of a fuzzy kitten wasn’t the smartest of ideas…. A Miranda Contreau paranormal short story.

Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | Smashwords

“Hell’s Belles”

Teaching etiquette to a spoiled debutante can be hell…literally. A funny fantasy with a wicked Southern twang.

Includes bonus story “The Devil Went Down to the Sunset Strip”!

Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | Smashwords

“Some Old Lover’s Ghost”

Helena runs Paranormal Manifestation Services–PMS for short. When she’s hired by Beth and Marguerite to find out why a ghost is bothering Marguerite, she doesn’t expect to get a crush on Beth…which makes things especially awkward when she learns who the ghost is. Rainbow Reviews called this short story “unexpectedly romantic [and] heart-wrenching.”

Includes a bonus interview with the author about the writing of the story, her own paranormal experiences, and more.

Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | Smashwords

About Dayle

DAYLE A. DERMATIS’s short fantasy has been called “funny (and rather ingenious),” “something new and something fresh,” and “really, really good!” Under various pseudonyms (and sometimes with coauthors), she’s sold several novels and more than 100 short stories in multiple genres. She lives in southern California within scent of the ocean, and she and her husband spend their spare time following Styx around the country (and sometimes out of it), exploring the world via motorcycle, renovating their 1911 Craftsman home, and doing historic re-creation, all of which inspires her writing. She loves music, cats, Wales, TV, magic, laughter, and defying expectations. To find out where she is today, check out


Jul 102013

What Beck’ning Ghost by Dayle Ivy

WBG cover webTouch not the cat bot a glove

The MacPherson family crest above the door gives Rachael de Young, genealogist and psychic, an unexpected chill. She doesn’t know that by crossing the threshold, her life will change forever. Because the MacPhersons are a family cursed by jealousy, betrayal, and fire….

Rachael grows closer to the truth even as she grows closer to the ghost of Jordan MacPherson, who died in the tragic fire…and could very well be the person sabotaging her research. But she must trust Jordan’s love in order to find the strength to face her own fears, break her one cardinal rule, and stop a madman before he can kill again.

What Beck’ning Ghost is an atmospheric gothic romance from new talent Dayle Ivy.

Available in print and in a variety of electronic formats:
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Jun 102013

We here at Little Kisses Press are delighted to have obtained the rights to reprint popular Sophie Mouette novel Cat Scratch Fever, which garnered 4-star reviews from both Romantic Times Book Reviews and Just Erotic Romance Reviews!

CSF cover webWhat development coordinator Felicia DuBois at the Southern California Cat Sanctuary needs: Sex with something other than her vibrator. Gender and number of participants optional.

What Felicia doesn’t need: Someone sabotaging the make-or-break benefit that could mean the future of the sanctuary. She especially doesn’t need ultra-sexy Gabe Sullivan from the Zoological Association sniffing around, wielding the authority to close the cash-strapped exotic cat breeding facility.

But damn his smoking hotness!

Felicia’s in a race against time to find both sexual fulfillment and the saboteur before the Sanctuary’s future becomes as endangered as the felines it houses.

“Mouette handles the sizzling sex…with a generous hand…. This is a delightful, amusing and sexy whodunit.”
– Romantic Times Book Review (4 stars)

“Sophie Mouette has a sizzling erotic romance with Cat Scratch Fever…. The twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing and I really liked the end, without a doubt…. Cat Scratch Fever is a very good erotic romance and I highly recommend this great read.” – Just Erotic Romance Reviews (4 stars)

Available in print and a variety of electronic formats:
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Feb 022013

Authors Dayle Ivy and Andrea Dale will be participating in a big honking romance writers book signing on Sunday, March 17, as part of the California Dreamin’ Romance Writers Conference. Lots of amazing writers will be there; we don’t have a list of who-all signing, but we promise it’s going to be stellar!

The deets:

Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013
Time: 1-2:30 pm (bookstore opens at 12:30 for anyone who wants to start browsing early)
WhereDoubletree Hotel in Santa Ana, CA

Dayle Ivy will be signing gothic novel Waking the Witch and Andrea Dale will be signing erotic romance “Braceleted”. We hope to have several other books there as well. (Let us know ahead of time if there’s a title you’d like, and we’ll do our best to have it there for you!)

Hope to see you there!

Oct 092012

“Braceleted” by Andrea Dale

Nell Sheridan was Sutter’s Fork’s wild child, and she ran off to travel the world as soon as she possibly could. But now she’s back for a visit…and back into the arms of Lucas Brandt.

Except when she left, she and Lucas had agreed there was no spark.

Now? It’s not a spark, it’s an inferno—all because Lucas holds her wrists. In the bedroom, Nell discovers when she’s restrained, she can fly free.

Will that be enough to make her want to stay with Lucas in Sutter’s Fork?

Warning: Contains explicit sex, light bondage, and true love. You know…all the good stuff.

Cover art by Nomad Soul / BigStockPhoto.

Available in print and in a variety of electronic formats:
Amazon |  Barnes & Noble | KoboSmashwords

Sep 162012

Waking the Witch by Dayle Ivy

Four boys confess to the murder of a woman… who died a hundred years ago.

The violent encounter Rowan Everly survived in college jolted awake her psychic power to see past images while holding a related object. At the behest of a friend, she comes to the privileged prep school town of Millburn, New York, to investigate the current rape and murder, and hopefully clear her friend’s son’s name.

Rowan’s not sure she’s up to the task. Her deeply ingrained mistrust of men makes her question where her loyalties lie. The deeper she investigates, the less anything makes sense. The boys seem truly horrified by what happened—almost as if they hadn’t had control over it.

Her initial encounter with sheriff Toby Candusco isn’t pleasant for either of them. But his calm support of her, and his unwavering desire to see justice done, gives her the strength to not only face her fears, but to reexamine the core beliefs that shape who she is.

Only then can she face and destroy the real menace…and save everyone around her.

Waking the Witch is an atmospheric gothic novel by new talent Dayle Ivy.

Available in a variety of electronic formats
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Aug 162012

Written on the Coast: Thirteen Tales of Magic & Mayhem Written in Lincoln City, OR by Dayle A. Dermatis

Once upon a time, a writer journeyed to the enchanting Oregon Coast and took a workshop. Then, drawn by the siren’s song of knowledge and craft, she went back and took a whole bunch more. The result? WRITTEN ON THE COAST: THIRTEEN TALES OF MAGIC & MAYHEM WRITTEN IN LINCOLN CITY, OR. Ranging from traditional fantasy to science fiction to contemporary fantasy to the undefinably absurd, the stories in this collection will appeal to readers of all types of speculative fiction. In WRITTEN ON THE COAST you’ll find out why Dayle A. Dermatis’s short fiction has been called “really, really good”! With a foreword by USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith.

Includes the following stories:

• Masked
• Love Makes the Universe Go ’Round
• Dreamseer
• Blood Relations
• Dyrnwyn’s Fire
• Not the Nurturing Type
• Famous Last Words
• Corvus Kidnappus
• At the Mirk and Midnight Hour
• What Price Beauty
• As Delicate and Sharp as a Shard of Glass
• The Change
• If the Shoe Fits

“This collection of fiction is a fantastic treat.”
USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith.

“Dayle A. Dermatis’s ‘If the Shoe Fits’ is a funny (and rather ingenious) semi-modern twist on Cinderella, in which we find out why that shoe was really so important to everyone.”
Errant Dreams Reviews

Cover art © ileana /

Available in a variety of electronic formats
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Feb 062012

Five Funny Fantasies by Dayle A. Dermatis

Five Funny Fantasies is the first collection from prolific writer Dayle A. Dermatis. Prepare to be amused by these five humorous fantasy stories involving dragons and slayers, deals with the Devil, 80s hair metal, and much, much more!

Includes the following stories:

• If the Shoe Fits
• Feline Design
• Famous Last Words
• Hell’s Belles
• What Dragons Prefer

“Dayle A. Dermatis’s ‘If the Shoe Fits’ is a funny (and rather ingenious) semi-modern twist on Cinderella, in which we find out why that shoe was really so important to everyone.”
Errant Dreams Reviews

“[What Dragons Prefer’ is] a very good short story with a classic twist at the end. This story is very well worth reading.”
—Steve Challis,

“Simply put, the author’s writing style is really, really good!”

“I chuckled aloud at [‘What Dragons Prefer’]. Brilliantly succinct expression of a neat twist!”

Cover art © Julien Tromeur /

Available in a variety of electronic formats
Amazon |  Barnes & Noble |  Smashwords