Jan 212013

give in cover webGIVE IN is a scintillating collection of BDSM stories by prolific erotic scribe Andrea Dale. Prepare to be both aroused and charmed by these fifteen luscious tales of dark desire and power exchange, which appeared is such notable anthologies as Playing With Fire, Bound by Lust, and Do Not Disturb (a 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards winner). In GIVE IN you’ll find out why Violet Blue calls Andrea Dale a “legendary erotica heavy hitter”!

Contains the following kinky stories:

• Guarding Her Body
• A Few Things to Pick Up On Your Way Home
• Stuffing the Ballot Box
• All She Wanted
• Breakfast in Bed
• Party Favor
• Return to Wildwood
• Mirror, Mirror
• How the Little Mermaid Got Her Tail Back
• Santa Claus is Comin’
• On the Twelfth Day…
• When the Rancher Needs a Loan
• Darlene’s Dilemma
• College Reunion
• The Queen of Christmas

Available in print and in a variety of electronic formats:
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Aug 192010

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